Leadership for Change 2020 / FAQ

1) Is it possible to have group presentations? Or if proposing a panel discussion or debate, how do you include all members? (The application form is not designed to accommodate more than one name.)

YES. We edited the form to allow multiple presenters

2) Is there more information about each format? (e.g., minimum presentation time, or debate rules, etc.)

There are no minimum presentation times. For example, in a 30-minute slot, a student may choose to present for 10-15 min, then do Q&A for 10-15 minutes. If they finish early, students can hang out and talk or we can close the Zoom room until the next time slot.

We will use the HPDU format.

3) Is there (or will there be) potential for students to attend as guests/audience? (not presenting, or debating). Will that information be provided later?

YES. See VIEW FULL SCHEDULE later in November when the final program is set.

4) Is this conference ONLY for women?

Male and non-binary presenters are also encouraged to join! This is an important topic for EVERYONE!