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Leadership for Change 2020: For Students, By Students

(The change begins within you.)
Join us for an online discussion, in fact, many discussions on December 5th & 6th, 2020. We invite students everywhere to take part in our free online conference as student presenters, audience members, panelists, or Zoom room facilitators. We are coming together to talk about leadership and change. We now understand that things almost never just changenaturally - it almost always takes someone with an idea, a burning desire, or a grand vision for positive change to begin. Then, it takes hard work, teamwork, and a myriad of leadership and followership skills to make real change take root. To this end, the 4th year students at Kyoto Notre Dame University invite interested students all over Japan to participate in an online conference where we will brainstorm and pinpoint areas for change and discuss concrete ways young people can make a difference in our world today.
Our story...
As members of a Global English Course (GEC) at a women’s university in Kyoto, Japan, we entered university with a general goal to study abroad. We knew we wanted changes in our lives - we wanted to be able to use English better, we wanted to make international friends, we wanted to explore ideas for our future, and we wanted to grow in a variety of ways.
We didn’t have any idea that living abroad for 6 months or a year would change us forever. We came back to Japan more resilient, more proactive, and more positive all round. Some of us came back wanting to be full on Global Jinzai (Global Human Resources), working in English for an international company, and some of us came back realizing that we are now “Global Citizens” - with a newfound interest in the greater world beyond our own town, city, or country.
Now, as 4th year students swamped with courses, job hunting, and final dissertations to write, we decided that we wanted to get the Leadership for Change conference off the ground in 2020. As part of our Exploring Leadership seminar, we approach this topic from three perspectives: KNOWING, BEING, and DOING. The idea for this conference fulfils the DOING part of our learning. We invite students from all over Japan to come together for a weekend of collaboration, discussion, brainstorming about issues important to young people today. How can YOU change your community? Come tell us your ideas.
Call for Proposals
The year 2020 has marked a great shift in many sectors of society due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Along with the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, what was once considered ‘normal’ has changed. In this time, we have an opportunity to think about how to reinvent many aspects of our communities for the better. Join us in a BIG virtual conversation on ZOOM with students from all over Japan about how we can be leaders for change.  Choose any issue important to you from any sector of society such as education, workplace, environment, personal identity (gender, sexuality, race etc.), government/public policy, business, economy/commerce, community etc. Decide on a format: short presentation, discussion, poster presentation or panel discussion. Submit a title, 150-word summary to this PROPOSAL link.  We look forward to ‘meeting’ you online and hearing about your ideas! 
Furthermore, we made a promise that SOMETHING positive must come out of 2020 and the COVID-19 crisis we are all experiencing, so we hope you will put aside all the busy things in your life and join us for a dialog - to confer, to share ideas and experiences in a wide range of topics spanning any sector of society such as education, workplace, environment, personal identity (gender, sexuality, race etc.), government/public policy, business, economy/commerce, community, etc., that are of interest to us as young people in Japan. Over the past year, we have researched and written about some of these topics, which we will discuss at the conference (see below)

Norika Shiramizu
Conference Chair
Leadership for Change 2020

Exploring Leadership Dissertations (2020)
Japanese Women in the Global Gender Gap
Confidence: Introverts and Extroverts
The Role of Women’s Universities in Japan
Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Resilience: How Gritty are you?
Leadership and Followership
Work: Values and Beliefs among Japanese
Changes Before, During and After Study Abroad
Exploring the Importance of Global Jinzai
Understanding Self-awareness in EQ
Gender Issues in Japan
Skills for Work Success in Kyoto, Japan
How Can Students Acquire High Self-Efficacy Through Study Abroad?
Past Exploring Leadership Dissertations written by our seniors (2015-2018)
Knowing Leadership 
Why Do Introverts Make Great Leaders? 
The Value of Leadership Experience Acquired in High School Band 
Exploring an Effective Use of Followership 
Is Leadership Experience at an Early Age Important to be a Leader? 
UNIQLO’s Unique Leadership Development Program 
Role Models Are One Key to Women’s Success 
Exploring Leadership Styles: Do Women Need to Act Like Men to be Successful? 
Japanese Society 
Addressing the Gender Gap in Japan through Parental Leave Policy 
Exploring Work Motivation and Empowerment of Female Workers in Japan 
The Significance of EQ in Japan 
Japan's Challenges for Fostering Global Jinzai 
Pursuing Work Satisfaction as a Saleswoman 
Developing Global Human Resources in International Studies 
Topics and Styles of Humor Accepted in a Diverse Workplace 
Is the Airbnb Home-Sharing Business Sustainable? 
A Quota System for Women in Business in Japan 
Exploring Chutohampa for a Globalized Japan
Examining Effects of the New Shukatsu System in Japan 
Changing Times to a Rainbow Generation 
When Will Japan Realize Women’s Power? 
Kikokushijo and Japanese Education: Nobody Knows How to Deal with Us 
Exploring Millennials in Japanese Society 
Examining the Lack of Child Care Centers in Japan 
Examining the Nurse Shortage in Japan 
Contradictions in Japanese Women’s Working Life 
The Importance of the Chisanchishou Movement for the Elderly 
Corporate Culture that Supports Ambitious Japanese Women 
Education Learning English Through Drama 
How Can Students Increase Confidence in Using English Effectively? 
Prior Education on Stress Coping During Study Abroad 
Beliefs and Traits that Change Through Study Abroad 
Sports Benefits for Academic Accomplishments 
Personal Development 
Examining the Impact of Instagram on Well-being 
A Correlation between Multilingualism and Emotional Intelligence 
The Relationship between Risk Takers and Life Satisfaction 
Balancing Academics and Relationships through the “Harvard Relationship GPA” 
Fostering Zest for Life 
How Coaches Get the Most Out of Athletes 
Exploring Fixed and Growth Mindsets 
Is there a Confidence Gap Between Young Japanese Men and Women? 
Goal Setting: The Difference Between Success and a Regular Life 
Global and Business
Offering Solutions to Globalization Challenges 
Media Control in Japan 
Exploring Experiences on Peace Boat 
Exploring Experiences of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers 
Second Careers of Japanese Cabin Crew 
Factors in Making a Successful International YouTube Channel 
Future Directions for Low Cost Carriers in Japan 
Media Influences on International Cultural Impressions 
Fast Retailing’s Vision of the Future: Becoming No.1 Global Retailer 
Do Japanese Companies Need Foreign CEOs?